Recreating the American Longhunter: 1740-1790


by Joseph Ruckman

“I was lucky enough to see a draft of Joseph Ruckmna’s Recreating The American Longhunter: 1740-1790 several years ago, and the information it contained truly helped me hone my 18-century impression to a much sharper edge. Now, several years later, Joseph’s updated version is even better!

“This small volume encompasses a wide range of valuable information in an easily readable format, and serves as a great primer for “brushing up” on frontier America. The book opens with a broad overview of the 18th century environment in which the longhunters lived, and then moves on to the clothing, weapons, and equipment that they relied on during their sojourns through the trackless forests of the 18th century. Joseph’s use of either primary or well-researched secondary sources provides a firm foundation for his work. His personal experience recreating the life of a mid-1700’s woodsman is evident throughout the book and adds much to its character for those who read between the lines. In short, there is no doubt that Joseph’s collaboration with Cathy Johnson’s Graphic/Fine Arts Press has produced a great little reference book, which deserves a place on the bookshelf of every serious student of the 18th century longhunter!” — Mike Alton

Graphics/Fine Arts Press
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