The Nocturnal Naturalist


As the sun sets and the world grows dark, a wakeful naturalist is rewarded with bountiful activity–from night-blooming flowers enticing insect pollinators to owls alerting each other of potential prey.

This field journal observes the wilderness from dusk to dawn, chronicling the four seasons with observations, reflections and discoveries beginning in early spring. Under the mysterious cloak of night, the natural world is full of surprises for those who venture out.

Cathy Johnson’s lyrical prose describes the scents of a summer evening; the bright moonlight of a late fall night; a barred owl chasing a great blue heron through the winter woods and a chorus of birds ushering in the first light of dawn. Her writing is enchanting—inviting you to set out into the night and observe for yourself as the moon and stars reign overhead.

Expertly illustrated with the author’s own artwork, this book presents observations of the plants, animals, insects and natural environment that all of us miss if we only venture out during the daytime.

242 Pages

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