A Naturalist’s Cabin: Constructing a Dream


By Cathy Johnson

During a dusty Midwestern drought, Cathy Johnson stumbled upon a cool, limpid pond in northwestern Missouri and fell in love. Scraping together their savings, she and her late husband bought the pond and the surrounding 18 acres of land—a “naturalist’s playground,” as she describes it.

In this richly detailed account, Johnson introduces us to the timid white-tailed deer, iridescent blue dragonflies, velvety meadows, deep, quiet old-growth woods, and steep limestone and loess hills carved by prehistoric rivers or piled high by receding glaciers.

210 pages

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Gradually overcome with a long-held desire to build her own cabin in the woods, Johnson decided to raise a small structure that fits the landscape hand-in-glove, where she could retreat to observe the astounding beauty of the wilderness.

Filled with fascinating geology and natural history, this intriguing narrative will inspire you to see beauty and adventure in the great outdoors wherever you are–and to put the foundations under your own dream.

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