Artist’s Journal Workshop: Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures


by Cathy Johnson

Out of Print, but available as an eBook

Based on her own 40 years’ experience in keeping an artist’s journal, Cathy Johnson knows that an artist’s creative life can benefit from written and visual explanations and experiments. Over the course of this book, you will benefit from the tips, techniques and exercises that will make your artist’s journals your own. You will also discover how to use your journal to celebrate any occasion or milestone, work through a problem or creative block, plan future works, sketch from life and experiment with new materials or techniques. With 27 contributors from around the world there is a variety of styles and perspectives throughout the book, and with 15+ exercises you will learn to personalize your journal in a variety of ways.

The book is receiving fantastic reviews, and has given birth to an ongoing blog of the same name — join our artists at the Artist’s Journal Workshop blog in continuing to discuss journaling techniques and methods, or join the Facebook group and share your OWN work, ask questions or answer them!

144 Pages, full color, index

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