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The Watercolor Pencil Mini-class has four fully-illustrated lessons -- inspiration, information, tips, demos, exercises and videos, plus each lesson has a BONUS page of links, videos, books, and/or other resources.

Unlike my Watercolor Pencil CD or online class, where we cover how to paint various subjects (water, people, trees, fire, etc.), here we’re really going after the nitty-gritty, based on things my students have asked for.
We’ll explore:

• What brands work best
for YOU
• How much water to use
to blend
• Which papers to choose
• What brushes work best

• Whether the pencils are transparent or opaque
• How to apply values
• How to control your effects
• Whether you want to sketch or do a painting
• Watercolor pencils vs. watercolor crayons
• Lifting watercolor pencils
• Which resists work best
• Mixed media
• How to get the effects YOU want...

PLUS the step-by-step demos, inspirations, links and videos you’ve come to expect!

You’ll learn how to choose the tools and approaches that best fit YOU, or discover new ones you’ll love. You’ll have plenty of chance to try them out.

Mini-videos in every lesson explore right along with you.

Some images will have appeared in my book, Watercolor Pencil Magic.

And best of all, this is at your convenience, in your own time.

You’ll have a blast! And, with any class, online or otherwise, you’ll get out of the lessons what you put into them. Judging from the enthusiasm level of most of my students, that’s a lot!

Notes: The lesson will be automatically delivered to the email address you sign up with. Whatever address you use for PayPal, be sure to check, that's where your lessons will be sent.

Classes will be delivered once a week, for four (4) weeks, each one 7 days after the last.

System Requirements: Lessons are in PDF format and Adobe Reader X is required. Whatever device you use to view the lessons must meet Adobe Reader’s system requirements.

All this for $30!

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Quick Sketching 2 builds on Quick Sketching 1, but it can also stand alone, if you like.

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Check the Great Feedback on Mini-Classes!

Future offerings may include:

• Sketching in Nature
• Drawing People
• Plein Air Painting
• Watercolor Basics
• Watercolor Textures
• 80+ Creativity Prompts

If you are interested in any of our interactive classes, please feel free to ask to be on our waiting list. You can write me at kate@cathyjohnson.info. If you want to know about upcoming mini-classes, just fill out the form on this page.




Making Your Mark - Exploring Watercolor Pencils

• Application
• Basic Techniques
• How Many Strokes, and How
Much Water?
• Layering
• Color!
• Exercises
Bonus Pages
• Videos

Making Your Mark - Getting Familiar With the Medium

• Watercolor Sticks and Crayons
• Opaque Colors
• Color Wheels
• Layering/Mixing
• What WC Pencils will and won't do.
• Resists
• Demos
• Exercises
• Bonus Page
• Videos

Stepping Out!

• Putting Applications to Work
• Single Line/Single Color
• Values
• Solid Tones
• Exercises
• Bonus Page
• Videos

Mixed Media and Putting It All to Work

• Finished Paintings
• Mixed Media
• Demos
• Exercises
Take Five!
• Bonus Page
• Videos



• Brushes and Watercolor Pencils
• Testing Watercolor Pencils