Tip #132 – Using Thumbnail Sketches – Part Two

As promised, a wee bit more on using thumbnail sketches!

Of course they are useful (and quick, and paper-saving), when you’re planning just what you want to do. Whether you’re working in your journal, planning a more formal painting, or even doing a mural size work, some small, very quick studies can firm up your thinking and save you time. Last time we mentioned choosing a format – horizontal or vertical, etc. – planning a composition, and working fast. (See Art Tip #131)

Personally, I don’t like to plan TOO much ahead, doing numerous detailed studies; it kills the spontaneity for me – so thumbnail sketches are just right.


This kind of small, quick sketch is really useful when you’re traveling, too. You may not have a lot of time as you zip through in a car or train (or in a plane! I’ve often sketched from plane windows…) You may be traveling with others who prefer to shop, golf, surf, fish, rock climb, hang glide, visit galleries – so you may feel rushed and perhaps even frustrated. Well, how long does a thumbnail sketch take? You’ll be surprised at how they can call up the memories of a time and place, with a few well-placed lines.

Helps you decide what you want to focus on for a larger work, too!


What colors do you want to use for your finished work? Sometimes working on the spot tempts us to try to exactly reproduce what we see — and we may overwork it, trying too hard. A quick color sketch or two, capturing different moods or themes, can really help in the long run. Try out a few options!

And of course sometimes all you have time for is a tiny color sketch … the middle one was from memory at a stop light, the bottom was a fleeting sunset. Working small IS faster…

As you saw last time, our friend Steve Penberthy sometimes does a few thumbnail sketches right in the margin of his field sketch…it’s handy and a really nice graphic effect. See more of his work.

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