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Creating Textures
in Watercolor -- Online!

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Sometimes, at the request of past students, classes are based on one of Johnson's books or CDs for a text rather than receiving illustrated lessons in .PDF form -- although you do still receive text lessons and homework to download, save, or print out, on the individual class page.

As one student wrote, "when we use one of your books, we all get a lot more for our money than if we just buy the book, read through it, and set it on the shelf. Actually using it, as a workbook with expert guidance and homework, is far more valuable - it really is 'value added.' "

Other students have agreed they got a lot more out of the books in this way, getting feedback and asking any questions that may arise, and receiving help not only from the instructor but from fellow classmates.

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In this class, you will explore a number of ways to suggest textures both smooth and rough, using special techniques like salt, sponges, and spatter. You'll find out how to break down the most complex textures into simple, easy-to-duplicate steps requiring nothing more than watercolor and a brush, and apply these steps to virtually any subject once you see how simple it

You will start out with exercises to get familiar with the medium, explore your tools, pigments, and papers, then try out some basic exercises. If you're new to watercolor these will be an excellent introduction, and if you're an old hand, they're always good practice. I like to keep in "fighting trim," myself!

Old ragged brushes make great texturing

You will learn how to depict grasses and foliage; tree bark; hair, fur and skin; rust, weathered wood, fabrics and much, much more.

But the best part is that the exercises are broken down into logical steps that will work no matter what the subject.

It takes the anxiety out of watercolor, and puts you in control.

A variety of textures

As always, you will get out of the classes what you are willing to put into them! Like any other skill, watercolor takes practice, time, and a level of desire and dedication. Please, though, remember to think of it as exploration, as an adventure, not just "playing the scales." Making art can be a joyful and satisfying thing, even when it's a challenge...

Note: We usually utilize a somewhat flexible schedule to allow for holidays, as well as Johnson's outside deadlines or travel. Students have appreciated the extra time allows for homework and discussion!

$100 covers the entire course -- everything but supplies. You'll find a list of suggested supplies for the course in the Files section of each specific class.

Class size will be limited. When there is a date set for the new semester, you'll find a PayPal button here for easy payment - or mail your check for $100 to Cathy Johnson, PO Box 321, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024.

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These classes are covered by copyright; lessons are password-protected, so please keep your password handy!


Week 1

• Basics
• Paper Surfaces
• The Four S's -- Salt, Scraping,
Sponges and Spatter
• Exercises

• Homework

Week 2

• Water Textures
• Foliage
• Tree Bark
• Earth, Pebbles, Sand
• Exercises
• Homework

Week 3

• Rocks
• Grasses and Weeds
• Weathered Wood
• Exercises
• Homework

Week 4

• Lichen and Moss
• Flowers
• Fruits and Vegetables
• Exercises
• Homework

Week 5

• Fur
• Hair
• Skin Tones and Textures
• Exercises
• Homework

Week 6

• Glass and Metal
• Rust
• Miscellany
• Exercises
• Wrap up and Final Homework