Pyrates in Petticoats


eBook format

by Cathy (Kate) Johnson

From the introduction:

Throughout the centuries pirates have captured more than gold and ships — they’ve captured our imaginations as well. The fact that some of those brigands were female has largely escaped the annals of history, unless they are stories of the more famous ones, like Anne Bonney and Mary Read.

The stories in this small book are a few of those — legends, tales, call them what you will — that have circulated the annals of pirate lore for at least fourteen centuries. How much trutch there is in them is anyone’s guess —

“Despite its small size, Cathy Johnson’s Pirate’s in Petticoats is a veritable treasure galleon of information on female pirates. A metculous researcher, she clearly separates the histoical from the fanciful, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of a modern political agenda that colors so many recent books on the subject of piracy.” — Joseph Ruckman

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