Drawing and Painting Animals; an Easy Guide to Getting Started!


by Cathy Johnson

If you’re interested in drawing and painting animals but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect book for you! With this essential guide, you can create attractive artwork that captures the likeness and spirit of the animals you love in the medium you prefer.

You don’t have to be an expert in animal anatomy to bring creatures to life on paper. In no time, you’ll learn the basic techniques you need to portray cats, dogs horses, birds and more in 6 popular mediums–watercolor, graphite, pen and ink, acrylic, colored pencil and watercolor pencil. Simple lessons for working in each medium will get you started quickly. Ten skill-building exercises and 6 step-by-step demonstrations will grow your confidence and prepare you to paint or draw any animal you want.

Whether you choose to work in color or black and white, you’ll gain valuable advice on using reference photos, making interesting compositions and depicting just enough detail. The book’s Quick Tips and Words to Know will expand your knowledge and artistic skills.

Grab your brushes, pens and pencils and let’s get started!

112 pages, softcover

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