Creating Nature in Watercolor – an Artist’s Guide


by Cathy Johnson
North Light Books (November 28, 2007)

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Experience Nature with an Artist’s Eye
“There are so many reasons to work outdoors: to drink in the beauty of nature; to find fresh, evocative, inspiring and challenging subjects; to spend time in the quiet places; to capture the liveliness of birds or the grace of a red fox; to learn about your environment; to perfect your skill; and just to be out where it’s achingly beautiful. Whether you take a painting vacation, a field trip led by a naturalist/artist, a trip to some exotic, untouched locale or find painting subjects virtually in your own backyard, you will find subjects enough for a lifetime.” – Cathy Johnson

This guide is a rare opportunity to experience the joy of painting nature with Cathy Johnson, a beloved artist, naturalist and teacher. With lively instruction and an approachable style, Cathy takes you on an enjoyable hike through the great outdoors, showing you how to see and paint the wonders of nature in a whole new way.

Open this unique guide and see how achievable and fun watercolor can be. With dozens of examples of her own work, along with 15 complete step-by-step demonstrations, Cathy shows you how to capture a range of environments. You’ll explore the beauty of the open desert, the shady stillness of an old forest, the dancing cascades of a rushing waterfall, and much more. Habitats are arranged by chapter, featuring:

a. Forests & Trees–with details covering leaves, bark, ferns, birds and seasonal changes

b. Lakes, Rivers, Creeks & Ponds–including still water, reflections, wave patterns, fish and waterfalls

c. Prairies, Meadows & Fields–with guidance for painting wildflowers, butterflies open ranges, farmland, prairie animals and more

d. Mountains–including trees of western and eastern mountains, wildlife and indigenous plants and flowers

e. Deserts–with specific instruction for painting desert plants, animals and more

f. Humans in Nature–including canoes, campfires and fishing trips along the way, Cathy encourages you to sharpen your observation skills, experiment with new techniques and keep up the satisfying practice of carrying your sketchbook wherever you go. With Cathy’s sound guidance, you’ll learn to capture the beauty of nature as you never have before.

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128 pages, hardcover

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