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Fred, Missouri:
"I really enjoyed this course and hope there is a way this group can continue to share our paintings, drawings, and sketches. Appreciate all your ideas, suggestions, and assistance, Kate, and that goes for all of my fellow artists who took this course and who took to time to make constructive suggestions, and who were always so gracious in their comments. Loved the course, the file section, the online demos, and the CD. Hope to do more in the future. Keep me on your mailing list, Kate. I will be checking out your web site regularly."

Liz, Australia:
"Thanks Kate for a WONDERFUL class - it has been the BEST!"

Dorothy, Pennsylvania:
"Just wanted to thank you for doing this class. I have gotten so much out of it, even though I didn't keep up with doing all the lessons. The sharing and your terrific critiques and helpful hints have been invaluable to me. Your teaching style is wonderful and I am looking forward to your next class, whatever it is, watercolor, pen and ink....I'll be right there in line to sign up."

Janie, Missouri:
" are an inspiration through your works. can't get over sometimes how generous you are with your sharing of yourself and your knowledge. i hope you know how helpful that all is to so many of us striving to improve our skills. don't mean to speak for others, but i feel that we would all agree that we are still 'striving' ".

Barbara, Italy:
"I am sad the classes has already come to an end, I enjoyed it so! I learned a lot of new things and techniques, and I learned something from each one of you...And I'd like to give a special thanks to Cathy, of course, for her time, ideas and patience. Hope it all works out with the book. "

Ann, North Carolina:
"I, too, am sorry to see this class come to an end. This has been such an inspiring group and I appreciate everyone's encouragement. And thank you Kate, for being such a terrific instructor! I know I have learned a lot and feel much more confident with water media now, having had the benefit of your instruction. This was a delightful and motivating class!"

Sarah, UK:
"I'd like to echo those who have commented on how fun and worthwhile this class has been. I can't wait for the next one! Thanks, Kate, and everyone else who has participated and made this class the wonderful experience it's been!"

Connie, North Carolina:
"Thank you Kate. Being an incredible artist does not always make one a good teacher - I'm sure many in our class would agree. YOU are both! Add to that the warmth in your sharing and you have a FRIEND. This class has been both educational AND enriching personally. Again, thank you for that."

Pooja, India:
"Just wanted to say... This was the best online class I've ever had :-) Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, both on my sketches and of the others. And for sharing your lovely sketches and how-to's (and now videos YAY!). I'll be going through all your photostreams every time I need help."

Sara M.:
"Kate's great gift is her ability to take each student where they are and gently bring them along. Some are beginners; some are rather advanced. She never compares one student with another. She never critisizes what they've done. Instead, she always finds something to praise and makes suggestion for how to improve their work. The result is remarkable progress over the time we spend together."

Jan Z.:
Thank you for your innovative Online Watercolor Class and your patient and friendly style of instruction. Your class has changed the way I look at many things. I have always seen the beauty of nature and my surroundings, but now I also see them as paintings. I still have lots to learn, but your class has given me the confidence and inspiration to keep on growing and learning. I will use the lessons I have learned in this class for a long time to come.

Without teachers like you there are many of us that would not have the opportunity to be inspired by your true love of painting and the beauty of nature. If you should decide to give another watercolor class please let me know. In the meantime I will keep on practicing what I have learned from this class.

You have many more people to teach and inspire!

Thank you Kate for providing this wonderful opportunity."

Judie G.:
"Hi Kate, Thanks again for a great class. This watercolor class has been very helpful and we see an improvement both in our own work and those of our classmates too. Thank you for being so willing to answer any questions and to make suggestions that will improve our paintings. Thanks for all your encouraging comments and your giving spirit and your willingness to share."

From Carol G., USA:
"...a wealth of information and a wonderful instructor. I am overwhelmed at the amount of information and techniques I have been able to learn about...I only wish I had the hours to work that I believe is required to give your instruction the due it deserves. For your cost you are incredible..."

Susana G., Argentina:
"I find these classes absolutely wonderful, because I feel I have a guide, and at the same time I feel free to do what I like."

B-A Price, USA:
"I have kept everyone of them (the lessons) as well as all the suggestions and tips that were written to other students. I was surprised how extensive the lessons were. I was thrilled with the classes and how much I have learned, especially with my own and some of the other students' work and the corrections suggested."

Joe C., USA:
" was pretty much perfect. It was all I expected, and more."

Donn K., USA, FL, Watercolor class:
"I really have enjoyed the lessons and especially your Flickr drawings, painting, and sketches. I felt I learned a lot from them."

Donn K., USA, FL, Sketching class
"I think I learned a lot from this class. I had never done any sketching or drawing before, except in grade school. I learned new techniques I never knew existed. Doing the gesture, spiral and stick figure sketches was interesting."

Judy S., USA:
"I have enjoyed this class so much. It got me drawing something everyday. Your manner of instruction has been so friendly and helpful. (I feel like I've known you for years even though we have never met). I have learned not only more about HOW to draw better but also how to enjoy and have fun doing it."

Lin F., USA, NC:
"...the sketch examples and addition of FLICKR examples were incredibly helpful and encouraging. I was able to discover where I need more practice by trying various techniques. I also was able to decide which tools I preferred though the experimentation afforded by the diverse lessons. A PURELY DELIGHTFUL, LEARNING experience!! BRAVA!!!!" ENCORE!!!!

Jack W., USA:
"Normally in a class you get the teachers attention for a short period to comment on your work one time per week. We had the benefit of your comments throughout the week, which was far more than normal. I appreciated your tender loving care."

Mary Ann B., USA:
"I thought the classes were fabulous, just right in length, with wonderful explanations in techniques and suggestions to try. Having access to everyone's sketchbook, and reading the emails was a wonderful learning experience. I learned much from the lessons, and also from others questions and your feedback."

Marj Mc., USA:
"I felt the cost of the course was very reasonable and, if anything, the amount of personal attention and feedback which you provided was much more than should have been expected. I'm not complaining, mind you! I went to a couple of 5-day workshops, when I was trying to get started with pastels, and was very disappointed with the lack of personal feedback that was provided by those particular instructors. The demonstrations they did were great but the interaction with the other students, most of whom were much more familiar with pastels than I, is what made those workshops worthwhile for me."

Mona C. USA Hawaii:
"The lesson plans were well thought out and well written, presented in an easy understandable way that I believe almost anyone could easily follow...all the techniques were well covered, at least for me.

It was comforting knowing that we had the freedom to ask Kate anything concerning the lesson, tools, techniques or basically anything. I would take this class again in a heartbeat and hope to be able to take it again in the near future.

Kate is an excellent instructor and I admire not only her work as an artist, author, but as an instructor who is extremely approachable. Kate is an encourager and is honest with her critiques, but it is done in an encouraging way instead of emotionally beating you up. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to really dig in and learn."

Marisa P., Italy:
"...the class was very well prepared and the further examples given each time through Flick made it even more outstanding. Thank you once again, Kate, the online class was an extraordinary experience."

Rebecca H., USA:
"This excellent class is taught by a talented painter and teacher. Kate Johnson has a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares with her students. The online class offers a rich learning experience in a supportive atmosphere. The class discussions and the opportunity to learn by viewing other students efforts is a real bonus."

Denise G., USA:
"Kate's gentle guidance and enthusiastic encouragement have made the Online Watercolor class a real pleasure. A wonderfully refreshing departure from the "learn to paint like me" workshop. No matter the skill level, there is plenty to learn from this class, and Kate is a genuine teacher."

Meri, USA:
"...such a good teacher. I like the way you make comments [on the homework], too. Very supportive and yet good guidance. You get your ego out of the way, which is really rare."

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