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Feedback on Mini-Classes!

Artist's Journal Class

I loved the Keeping an Artist's Journal Mini-class. I especially liked how rich it was with all of the external links to other websites, and the videos. There was a LOT of detail in the class. I also liked that it was new samples and videos as I have taken many of your other courses. I so admire your style of ink and watercolor wash. I was inspired to make my own accordion book because of this class and I purchased a Stillman-Birn sketchbook, again on your recommendation.

I like your easy style of teaching, it feels like it's just the two of us in your studio watching you demonstrate various techniques.

Loved, loved, loved this class.

Thank you very much for developing the Artist’s Journal Mini Class 2014, I loved it. I needed direction and you cleared a path for me to my next level and beyond. The course is well written and well organized in a personable, encouraging, kind and empowering way. I love every exercise, thoughtful tip and every link. Your info regarding a practice of gratitude is excellent. Thank you for sharing your practice and experience. No improvements needed, as I see it. I have also purchased the download of your first Artist’s Journal class and look forward to going through it.

Quick Sketch 1

I really enjoyed your online class and appreciated the links. So far I purchased your book, started using water colors ( new experience ), signed up for a basic drawing course at the community education center and have committed to drawing /painting at least 3 pieces a week . To date I have created more than 3 per week! Oh and I learned to always carry a miniature journal with me. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you!

Ink & Wash Class

Thanks for the mini class - I've thoroughly enjoyed myself trying out the techniques and new pens (the shopping was fun too!). Because of the class, I'm now on the Artist Journal Workshop facebook and signed up for the SketchbookSkool first semester, and making new friends. It's important for me to get feedback in this learning journey, and I'm getting it from my new friends.

I will be looking out for your other classes.

Sandy's taken several!

I have enjoyed all of your mini-courses and am saying that the way you are able to direct these classes and describe the exercises and purpose of each, is a rare talent. I have taken other online courses and find that these are so easy and relaxing to read and focus on your teaching and exercises.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents and gifts of art, and willing to teach those of us who desire to learn more so that we might be more spontaneous and accepting of our own talents.

This is the second class I’ve taken with you and what I like about them most is the ability to work on them at my own pace and time and not feel under pressure to meet a deadline. I’ve signed up for Sketchbook Skool, but I’m worried that I might not always be able to finish in a set time frame. So your classes are great for people who have other obligations to meet. They are easy to understand and you can practice the exercises when you have time.

Thanks for the mini class - I've thoroughly enjoyed myself trying out the techniques and new pens (the shopping was fun too!). Because of the class, I'm now on the Artist Journal Workshop facebook and signed up for the Sketchbook Skool first semester, and making new friends. It's important for me to get feedback in this learning journey, and I'm getting it from my new friends.

“Thank you for another wonderful online class! I truly appreciate the time and depth of thought you put into your courses. I especially enjoy the demos and the practical exercises that allow me try out various tools and techniques, some of which I would not find on my own. It's a great way to discover what works for me and what doesn't!”

“I love your work and these classes are a wonderful way to see more of it and to be inspired to try everyday.”

“Just a note to thank you for the Sketching Course 1.
It was great fun.
I sketched at least once most every day during the month.

Progress report:
1 My speed is much faster.
2 My courage is greater – I’m attempting to sketch things I would never try before.
3 My drawing accuracy is improving (personal theory: the better you draw, the better you sketch
4 I’m having fun.

I’m still working at pdf lessons 3 and 4.
They were very meaty and their implementation will challenge me for the next month or two.

My goal was: to be able to accurately sketch what is in front of me this summer to do some plein air painting.
This course has achieved this end. Given me better skills and vastly increased my confidence to try.

Thanks, Kate,
My goals have been realized.”

"I LOVED Quick Sketching 1 and will definitely do Quick Sketching 2. It's hard to even say what I liked best about it, but your videos are certainly some of my favorite parts, both because of the content and also because of your manner...whenever I watched one of your videos, I relaxed a bit and felt inspired to do some sketching. Your relaxed, easy manner is both calming and inspiring, because it makes me want to pick up my pen, pencil or brush and start drawing even when I feel no real motivation or feel like my artistic ability has vaporized. And, of course, as soon as I start to draw, I start to unwind and get into what I'm doing, and before I know it, I am in the moment and involved in what I'm sketching, rather than fretting about other things."

"I especially find it refreshing that you don't seem concerned with polish and perfection in your videos; they are clearly real-life and spontaneous, which makes it all the more do-able and inspiring for me to sketch in my real-life moments. I just wish I lived nearby so that I could join you for a morning of sketching sometime!"

"I very much like the layout of your lessons; information is presented in short-easily read paragraphs, the diagrams are so real and are not only instructive but are also a window into your artist mind, and there is plenty of white space on the page, which opens the door to imagination and conveys a peaceful feeling."

“Thanks for another terrific class. I especially loved the sketching people lessons. I had such fun watching your demo of a watercolor crowd and then trying it myself. Imagine my surprise when a series of shapes and colors magically became a crowd of people in my sketchbook! Yay!”

I took your watercolor pencil mini-class mainly for inspiration (not that I don't need instruction, too, however!). I love working with my watercolor pencils… I've done a sketch now of the hummingbird feeder out my window, pulled out my beloved collection of pencils, and I'm ready to play again! Thanks for the "nudge"!
Best always,
Mary O.
I am really enjoying the Watercolor Pencil mini!
As usual, the lessons are marvelous. You have such a great understanding of the materials, the techniques of using them and a marvelous way of explaining them!
I absolutely love the way you "suggest" things rather than dictate, as if you know everything and the students know nothing! Instead you suggest with phrases like: "You may want to try...You might want to use....You may wish to...." I spent 43 years as a classroom teacher and know that how one explains something makes or breaks it for learning! You are always so clear. I love seeing your little palettes, you creative ways of managing materials!
The Mini class came along at just the right time, as I was working my way through the Watercolor Pencil Magic CD and so I dropped that and am doing the Mini, then will pick up the CD lessons again! Thank you so very much!

I have subscribed to three of your mini-classes and have found them just great. Your calm, friendly method is a good one for me. The instruction is clear, concise and easy to follow. I have been pursuing art for many, many years, (I'm 88 now) and am learning new things from your classes all the time.
I also took your regular on-line watercolor classes a few years back and learned a lot from it, too. There's always something new to learn, I do enjoy your paintings and aspire to imitating your style, not an easy thing to do. Thank you for these good classes.
Mary Lou

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