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Cathy Johnson's
Drawing and Sketching - Online!

Cathy Johnson's most recent SEMESTER of Drawing and Sketching Online just finished.

If you are interested in any of our other classes, please feel free to ask to be on our waiting list ... write kate@cathyjohnson.info.

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"I can't draw a straight line!" Well, most of us can't, without a ruler-and who wants to? Drawing freehand is much more exciting-like magic! Unless you're an architect or a photo-realist, you won't have to worry much about those perfectly straight lines, anyway.

Drawing is something that most of us did almost without thought, as children - but we may have lost the joy, or our confidence, as we grew older. Now you can recapture the joy as you learn to draw what you want to see! Express yourself!

Sketch in your journal, draw your pets or children, keep a travel sketchbook, plan future paintings, study nature, celebrate your days, express your imagination - use what you learn in this class in all these ways and more.

We'll explore tools and materials, getting acquainted with what they'll do - or for the old hands out there, just loosening up. We'll cover many of the classical drawing techniques, from contour drawing to gesture sketches; well look at composition and value, line and form, and we'll discover new eyes to see with.

As always, you get out of the classes what you are willing to put into them! But please, don't look at it as dry, boring work when you see the word "homework"-think of it as play, as exploration. Making art is a joyful thing, even when it's a challenge...

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Note: We usually utilize a somewhat flexible schedule to allow for holidays, as well as my outside deadlines or travel. Students have appreciated the extra time allows for homework and discussion!

$120 covers the entire course -- everything but supplies. If you already own the CD, the cost of the course is $100.

Click here for suggested supplies.

Class size will be limited.

The PayPal button is here for easy payment - but you can mail your check for $120 for class and CD or $100 for class alone, (if you already own the CD), to Cathy Johnson, PO Box 321, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024.

Sorry, class is full, but if you’d like to put your name on a waiting list in case someone drops out, we’ll let you know!

Just write kate@cathyjohnson.info or jruckman@epsi.net.

Interactive Classes:

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Click here for drawing and sketching class.
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Click here for keeping an artist's journal.

These classes are covered by copyright; lessons are password-protected, so please keep your password handy!


Week 1
- The WHY of drawing, followed by getting started with the basics. This is warming up for the "old hands" at drawing, good practice for those who are new to it.

• Basic tools - getting to know your drawing instruments; various exercises (I do this whenever I get a new tool!)
• Paper - different effects on a variety of paper surfaces
• Pencils, pens, colored pencils, watercolor pencils
• Basic Techniques - lines, hatching, cross-hatching, dots, etc.
• Exercises
• Demo
• Basics homework assignments

Week 2 - Learning to SEE-exploring classic drawing techniques. Includes intro, tips, demos, etc.

• Gesture sketching
• Blind contour
• Modified contour
• Memory drawing
• Using negative shapes
• Direct observation
• Drawing upside down
• Using your computer as a drawing tool
• Putting it all to work-demo
• Homework assignments

Week 3 - More advanced classic drawing techniques. Includes intro, tips, demos, etc.

• Stick figures - yep, they ARE useful!
• Mapping-dot-to-dot
• Blocking in
• Using geometric or other overall shapes to hang your drawing on
• Using shading and values to suggest volume
• Suggesting distance
• Putting it all to work - demo drawing
• Homework assignments

Week 4 - Drawing a variety of subjects-jumping right in! Includes intro, tips, demos, etc.

• Composition Basics
• Landscape
• Buildings-finding the roof peak (X)
• Floral
• Animal
• Human Proportion
• Field sketches
• Exercises
• Putting it all to work-demo drawing
• Homework assignments

Week 5 - Branching out into color and special techniques. Includes intro, tips, demos, etc.

• Adding color to your drawings
- colored pencil
- watercolor pencil
- watercolor washes
• Drawing with a brush
• Eraser tricks
• Using a stump or tortillon
• Exercises
• Putting it all to work-demo painting
• Homework assignments

Week 6 - Wrapping it up

Here, you will do a final drawing of your choice, of whatever subject you like and using whichever technique or combination of techniques you prefer, putting what you've learned to work. Questions and answers are welcome. You can either have online, class-time feedback, which benefits everyone since several people may have the same problem, or private feedback guidance, as you prefer. (You notice I dislike the word "critique"!)

If you have a particular problem or challenge, please ask, and we'll address it, with give and take.

Class feedback form will be posted ... please take a few moments and fill this out. I need YOUR input, too!