Tip #135 – Drawing Expressive Mouths

An All-New Feature-Feature

So often when we draw the human face, we choose a safer option, a face in repose. But it’s fun and challenging to spice it up a bit, focus on emotion or expression.

Have you ever considered how much you can read from a person’s mouth? Are they tense, nervous, excited, laughing, concentrating? It’s fun to practice capturing those moods!

135 – 1

If you need to, shoot a bunch of selfies with different extreme expressions! Don’t be embarrassed, no one ever needs to see them, they’re just for practice. Don’t be surprised if you get into it, though, I really had fun.

135 – 2

Even MORE fun is just to hold a small mirror in one hand, a pencil in the other, and mug for the mirror! Draw fast and loose, and have a ball. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn with such close attention to this most mobile feature on our faces.

For “extra credit” draw an elderly man’s mouth, someone with a mustache and full beard, a baby, a beauty queen. Have fun!

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