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"These disparate threads -- history, nature, mythos -- seem to come together, for me, in the Celtic. The roots from which they grow in time and place and imagination are like the threadlike mycelium that moves in silence underground to pop up suddenly in a fairy ring. Sidhe, the Good People, selkies, trolls, and faerie folk of every stripe inhabit the ancient tales, coexisting with their human counterparts. The bard Amergin brought his tales to Ireland; strong females like Grania O'Malley, the Irish pirate queen and Brigid (who was both Goddess and Christian saint, depending on your outlook) are held as one by the music that ties it all together. In the wind that combs the bare winter branches outside my window I hear the skirl of pipes, and then a pennywhistle, soft and faraway...

"The history of the Celts crosses boundaries of time and space, pulling together the threads of a tapestry still weaving in and out of our lives with bright threads and dark. The symbols -- the spiral, the triskele, the intricate Celtic knots -- these things are timeless and universal, and seldom fail to capture my imagination."

Johnson most often explores the Celtic in her art and jewelry.

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