"Elements of Landscape, Vol. 1 --"
Painting & Drawing Trees

from Graphic/Fine Arts Press (Data CD)

This CD is the result of a number of requests from Cathy Johnson’s students and offers techniques that are fun and easy: a great way to get started or expand your pleasure in working on the spot, from sketches, or from photos.

The slideshow-format video allows you to pause at any time to study the art, read the captions, or just go off and work on your own. There are jpegs and bonus PDF files full of demos, inspiration, and information on the CD, as well.

Now, for your convenience, a CD you can use anywhere–at home, at school, at work or on vacation, any time you have a computer with a CD drive and Adobe Reader available for the PDF files!

This is a data-CD, no audio. The images on this CD are protected by copyright.

Product Information
Our Data CD is of professional high quality and durability.
• Number Of Discs: 1
• Packaging: Slim Jewel Case
• Platform(s): All
• Minimum System Requirements: Computer with CD player, Adobe Reader
• License Type: Single-User

Price - $15.99

CD is Temporarily Unavailable

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