NEW!"Cathy Johnson's Plein Air Workshop"
from Graphic/Fine Arts Press (Data CD)

Category: Home & Hobbies

This CD is a virtual plein air sketching workshop, in slideshow and PDF format--study at your own convenience, at your own speed, then get out there and paint!

Product Information
Our Data CD is of professional high quality and durability.
· Number Of Discs: 1
· Packaging: Slim Jewel Case
· Platform(s): * All
· Minimum System Requirements: A computer with a CD player and Adobe Reader
· License Type: Single-User

NEW format, NEW technique -- this all-new slideshow CD invites you, the artist, along on a plein air workshop--right on your own computer! Explore this fun new slide presentation with Cathy Johnson, artist and teacher as well as author of North Light's new Creating Nature in Watercolor and The Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature. You will also find a "how to use this CD/readme file, exercises, a list of online art suppliers, and a mini-catalog of Johnson's other CDs. Johnson teaches online art classes at; this CD will be used as the text for classes on ink and wash. This is a data CD, with a 17-minute slideshow as well as a fully-downloadable and printable PDF file of exercises. It is not a DVD or audio visual. Put it into your computer's CD drive, open the files, and you're there!

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