"Cathy Johnson Watercolor Pencil Workshop"
from Graphic/Fine Arts Press (Data CD)

This CD is based on -- and expanded from! -- Johnson's popular North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic. Now see new art, new techniques, new tips, and bonus articles!

• 20 Files

• 36 Megabytes of information and illustrations

This all-new CD offers the artist the chance to explore a cutting edge medium, halfway between drawing and painting and offering the best of both!

Learn how to capture delicate skin tones, fur and hair, landscapes, seascapes, florals ... and much more.

This medium is wonderful for sketching, lightweight and portable, but it is also capable of great detail and finish. Explore watercolor pencils and crayons with Cathy Johnson, artist and teacher as well as author of North Light's Watercolor Pencil Magic, now out of print.

In putting together this data CD, the artist restored literally dozens of demonstrations -- it's packed with information.

6 fully illustrated lessons A how to use this CD/readme file Bonus articles on stretching paper, using the medium for sketching or painting, testing your materials, a list of online art suppliers, and a mini-catalog of Johnson's other CDs.

Johnson teaches online art classes at http://cathyjohnson.info; this CD is the same information as in the popular online classes (less the instructor feedback and interaction with other students)--the PDF format is especially designed to work with your web browser. Plug the CD into your computer and fire up your browser--all the lessons and bonus articles are right there on your computer screen!

Work from the CD on your monitor's screen, move information to your computer or laptop, or print the lessons out for your convenience -- you can take them with you wherever you go, for inspiration by the fire with a cup of tea, on vacation, or anywhere a computer isn't handy.

Product Information
Our Data CD is of professional high quality and durability.
• Number Of Discs: 1
• Packaging: Slim Jewel Case
• Platform(s): All
• Minimum System Requirements: A computer capable of reading .jpgs, Adobe Reader
• License Type: Single-User

Note: This is not exactly the same as my North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic, which I wrote in 2002 – that book is unfortunately out of print, and I am offering this download or CD to take its place. Some of the art appears in both places, but I have restored one whole chapter to the CD and downloadable version which had been cut from the North Light Book. IF you already have the book, please consider whether you want this as well.

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