Quick Sketching 2

quick sketching bluebirdQuick Sketching 2 has four fully illustrated lessons – as noted, full of inspiration, information, tips, demos, exercises and videos, plus each lesson has a BONUS page of links, books, and resources.

This one is somewhat more advanced than QS 1, tackling some subjects that might have seemed intimidating–people and buildings among other things and breaking them down into simple, attainable steps.

You’ll learn a variety of quick sketching techniques, with different mediums – you’ll be able to choose the one that best fits YOU, or discover new ones you’ll love. You’ll have plenty of chance to try them out.

Mini-videos in every lesson explore right along with you.

And best of all, this is at your convenience, in your own time.

You’ll have a blast! And, with any class, online or otherwise, you’ll get out of the lessons what you put into them. Judging from the enthusiasm level of most of my students, that’s a lot!

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brush experiment examples

Drawing of Pam at Sketch Crawl


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