Keeping an Artist’s Journal Mini-Class

Boyer Road Barn paintingKeeping an Artist’s Journal mini-class has four fully-illustrated lessons — inspiration, information, tips, demos, exercises and videos, plus a bonus of links and/or other resources, including books and websites.

You’ll find links to other artists’ pages and journals, as well.

New art, new text, new exercises and demos as well as some thought-provoking approaches.

There are also nine new videos. (I’ve made a couple of them public on YouTube so you can get a taste of the class.) Click here.

By popular demand — here is a more in-depth approach. In addition to exploring materials and techniques, we will be looking at various types of journals you may want to try, as well as moving into personal growth, meditation, spiritual journaling and other life-changing approaches in the final lesson.

NOTE: If you took my interactive class years back, or purchased the CD or download of those lessons, rest assured–these are all new! This is also not the same material as you may have seen in my popular North Light book, Artist’s Journal Workshop, though you will recognize a few pieces of art.

I started from the blank page on this mini-class–because I needed to, as well.  The material continues to develop as we work.

We’ll explore:

• Materials and Supplies
• Commercial Journals
• Handmade Journals
• Various paper surfaces
• Exploring Techniques
• Toned Paper
• Types of Journals
• Forming a Habit
• Finding Time
• Getting Past the Fear of White Paper

• Quick Sketching
• Having Fun & Playing
• Designing Journal Pages
• How to Fix Pages you may not like
• Textures
• Nature Journaling
• Travel Sketching
• Recording Family Treasures
• Slowing Down
• Contemplative Journaling

And more!

Lagura Beach painting

Plus all of the step-by-step demos, inspirations, tips, notes, links and videos you’ve come to expect.

You’ll learn how to choose the tools and approaches that best fit you, or discover new ones you’ll love. You’ll have plenty of chances to try them out.

Mini-videos in every lesson explore right along with you, demonstrating the ideas of techniques. And best of all, this is at your convenience, in your own time. The lessons will be there, whenever you want them, and perhaps find some answers to life’s challenges.

As with any class, online or otherwise, you’ll get out of the lessons what you put into them. (Judging from the enthusiasm level of most of my students, that’s a lot.)

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* The lesson will be automatically delivered to the email address you sign up with. Whatever address you use for PayPal, be sure to check, that’s where your lessons will be sent.

* Classes will be delivered once a week, for four (4) weeks, each one 7 days after the last.

* System Requirements: Lessons are in PDF format and Adobe Reader X is required. Whatever device you use to view the lessons must meet Adobe Reader’s system requirements.

* The lessons are designed to be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer; some people have problems with phones or tablets.

* The Lessons don’t open for some people using Chrome, and do for others; it’s a glitch on Chrome’s end. We recommend Firefox, IE, or Safari. Thanks!

* The mini-class delivery system sometimes seems to have a problem with Road Runner and Yahoo addresses, so if you have another email address like gmail, you may want to use that.