"Where the Wild Things Are"
A Nature Guidebook to the Midwest
by Cathy Johnson

"Why is it that we feel we must go on a journey to find the wild places? Maybe it's because we're looking for the wild places in our hearts. In fact nature is all around us, at hand, accessible, just waiting for us to step outside our door and look around. Here in NW Missouri and specifically in Excelsior Springs, Clay, Ray, Jackson, Cass and Platte County areas, I have explored a beloved intimate landscape, one that waits always for me, like an old friend. Although it covers a specific place comprising only the environs of one small town and at most a few counties, I hope this little booklet encourages you to find your own familiar but unfamiliar places "where the wild things are." - Introduction: nature of the heart, mind, body and soul

The book is organized with lists of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, plants, trees, and even rock and soil types, like a birder's life list, for those who want to get to know their own intimate landscape.

Price - $7.99

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