The Sierra Club Guide to
"Sketching in Nature"
by Cathy Johnson

The Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature is a drawing and water color painting primer created to enhance any experience of the great outdoors. In a skillful blend of inspiration and practical instruction, nationally recognized artist, author, naturalist, and teacher Cathy Johnson encourages aspiring artists to use sketching and painting to deepen their understanding of the natural world, to savor its every detail.

Featuring simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and more than 280 illustrations -- in color and black-and-white -- Sketching in Nature covers a broad range of subjects, including:
• Tools and equipment
• Choosing a subject to sketch or paint
• Artist's shortcuts to getting the angles right
• Rendering hard and soft edges
• Mixing paints and washes
• Understanding color and using a color wheel
• Using light to express volume
• Using a camera to supplement your work
• Using watercolor to suggest texture
• Sketching flowers, trees, and animals
• Depicting clouds and weather patterns
• Using field sketches as studies for future paintings
• Lists of sketching workshops and sources for art supplies

228 pages, paperback
Price - $22.50


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